Letter from a parent “Why I spend so much money on sports lessons for my kid?”


Shared by a parent

Someone asked me:

Why spend so much money and time for your kid's training 

Tennis, Karate, Volleyball, Football, Basketball or other sport?

I replied:

Well, I have a confession to make: I do not pay because my son
trains or plays

What am I paying for? 

I am paying so that my kid learns to be disciplined, so that he learns to take care of his/her
body and his/her mind; so that he/she learns to work with others and
be a good team mate; so that he/she learns to deal with the
disappointment when you do not get what you expected, but you know you have to work harder; so that he/she learns to reach his objectives;
so you understand that it takes hours and hours of hard work and
training to get to a Championship/tournament, and that success does not happen
From day to night; for the opportunity that my kid will have friends for life; so he/she spends time on the field/court 
 and not in front of the television or other devices; 
For those moments when my kid returns so tired that he/she just wants to get to rest and he/she does not think nor does he have time to be lazy or do bad things; for all
teachings that sport gives you; "Responsibility, humility,
delivery, friendship, coexistence, among others ".

I could go on, but to be brief; I do not pay for the practices, lessons.
But for the opportunities to develop attributes and skills 
will be very useful throughout his/her life all because 

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