5 steps to choose the best tennis coach 

5 steps to choose the best tennis coach 

We are going to share with you some of the most important things you have to keep in mind to choose the best coach suitable for you.

1. Knowledgeable

2. Entertaining

3. Tells you the why

4. Able to demonstrate ( role model )

5. Guidance not spoon feeding 

6. Teaches you values

7. Pushes you towards your goal

8. Passion



One of the most important things when you are choosing a tennis coach is to ask for the experience and the background to understand if is capable to guide us to reach our goal in a realistic way.



A good coach should be able to connect with his clients and create a bond this will determinate the time will last the relationship between coach and player.

Tells you the why


Understand the information we are given is a crucial point of the learning process and is able to prove with examples of players showing exactly the things you are been shown.

Able to demonstrate ( role model )


Someone who is able to practice what they preach is ideal to gain credibility on what they say and teach.

Guidance not spoon feeding


Finding a coach that gives you the tools for you to be able to practice and improve without the help of the presence of the coach, that would speed up the process and evolution of your game.

Teaches you values


Being expose to coach with values will create a mindset to succeed, to be around a coach who shares their values especially in a early age will build the foundation of a real athlete.

Values as respect, hard work, commitment etc…

Pushes you towards your goal


Regardless your goal  recreational, health, college or competition the professional who will be leading you to those goals should be aware of it and create a planning that will show a pathway towards them.



When you find an instructor shows genuinely willing to help and give their time to solve any doubts that you may have, you can tell that coach is passionate for what they do, someone who is not motivated by money but beyond that.

For more guidance of how to find the best coach in Sydney send us your request to tennisunitedsydney@gmail.com 

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